“I am a meme, inserted as a Trojan Horse into linear time-space from beyond this world; aware my entire life that my name itself works as a symbol that disrupts conventional culture in its most fundamental layers”–from The Legend of Jory

A fusion of John and Mary (Jo from John; ry from Mary), Jory incorporates and is intended to reinvent ideas of what it means to be human. Within himself, he resolves concepts seemingly at odds with each other, observing how multiplicity and union are both true. Realizing it is a choice yet also his destiny, Jory has chosen the path of a victor. He comes to share in the universal learning process as a reason to celebrate and cultivate joy while under the pressure of extreme conditions. He has been described by some as “the eye of the storm.” As a Humanist, he intends to create something which will manifest certain liberation, he comes to give balm to the oppressed. His story, which he has lived, necessitates this outcome. In the meantime, he is a self-affirmed Taoist (if anything), and is enamored with beauty. He is excited to be able to witness liberation of the masses from the tyranny of domination culture, in his lifetime.

Jory joins the ranks of unpaid social prophets who, because of their playfulness and public diminution of themselves (though secretly aware of their genius), have for most of their lives lacked the space, the time alone, as well as the energetic support that they need, in order to be able to create the greatness they know is possible. He is a dreamer; as such, he is often not taken seriously. Jory, however, draws on motivation and inspiration wherever it may be found, intent on accomplishing his purpose. He is, therefore, aware of his wealth in what he is given, appreciating every gift, no matter how seemingly small, and no matter how “apparent” it is to others who cannot see his wealth that he is poor (from a materialist point of view, which he honors but does not subscribe to himself). An impeccable practitioner of the art of nonviolence, Jory honors each individual he encounters with a dignified experience of love–not for the purpose of self-attachment, but the kind that Thich-Nhat-Hanh speaks of when he says, “To be loved means to be recognized as existing,” void of dogmatic judgments that would detract from his experience of the person and the moment together.

He carries with him the awareness from childhood that while certain beliefs may corrupt a person, to engage in any debate only supports the power of separation. His intention is always, in each moment, to honor Life, to honor the Experience itself, to appreciate rather than depreciate the creation, since he knows that each person and thing has the right, as an agent of free-will, to make one’s own choices, and that something can always be learned, even from the most awkward and ill-seeming. He has an eye for the essential, silently acknowledging that each person, no matter how ravaged one may be by the horrors of life, is an expression of the nameless Mystery, and is, therefore, sacred.
Beneath all the professions and outward signs and labels a person makes or internalizes, there is a complex individual who needs and desires to be honored with love; it is not anyone’s fault if they rarely receive that love and are merely practicing a dysfunctional education passed down through generations of misunderstandings which have resulted in countless conflicts and suffering. Who among us has not been oppressed? Jory is a rare individual who applies what he teaches toward himself. He therefore teaches self-love, and love of all.
Jory comes as the hero of a thousand faces, to summon the fire from the mountain, cross the bridge, and bestow the boons which he has humbly and gratefully received from the same Mystery that gave birth to him, freely to the people of the planet, before their world dies and the planet is reborn. He prefers not to have to endure any more complaints, and has all the time in the world for stories that inspire, empower, and inform.

Jory is interested in the story, the adventure, the infinite stories, the infinite adventures. He will not be showing at a theater near you. He will be visiting you in your living room, and he will not charge you a single cent. If you honor him as a person, if you love him because he exists, as he is, you already give him all he desires.